Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I was planning to spend the long weekend holiday (Labor Day) in Samal Island in Davao but the hotel resort I wanted to stay in was fully booked already. My connections even contacted the hotel's owner, one of the country's famous and very influential person , who happens to be his friend but still can't do anything to give me a room. I was offered another option to stay in the city hotel then travel to Samal Island for a daytour but I declined. I really wanted to stay by the beach. Well, fastforward to the story. Hehe. I decided to just go to the beach somewhere near Manila to try something we have not done in the past - jetski and dine at Breakfast at Antonio's in Tagaytay. So the only place I can think of is Nasugbu. Again, with my connections I was able to seeked help from a friend. He offered me his private unit in Canyon Cove. Wonderful!  I've been to this place (in the hotel) twice already but never had the chance to stay overnight. And this time, we are staying in a completely furnished private villa which has a 2 bedrooms with own toilet and bath, living room, dining room and kitchen with a separate pool restricted for the villa owners only which is away from the crowd of the hotel guests. But since it was a long holiday weekend, there were lots of people in the private pool as expected. 

We all enjoyed every moment of our little vacation especially the jetski and the banana boat experience. It was Regina's first time to ride in the banana boat while Gian and I first time also on the jetski. We  were all happy. Even our househelper had her moment too, Hahaha. 


Monday, April 13, 2015

EL NIDO 2015

This year's travel to El Nido is the most fulfilling, exciting and the most enjoyable trip I've had there. Everything fell on the right places and all our missions were accomplished. First, staying on good hotel and resort which we've always been wanting eversince - at Sei Nazioni and El Nido Beach Hotel. Second, aside from the usual island tour packages being offered at El Nido, we were able to do the 'drop and pick' island adventures where you will be dropped in an island of your choice and stay there all day. Of course, we always asked for an uninhabited and almost deserted island with calm, shallow reef for us to enjoy aside from beach bumming. Third, finding beautiful coral reefs and our favorite nemos! We were also very lucky to see a turtle on the reef. Fourth, meeting nice people whom we became good friends easily. And lastly, this was our longest stay in the place - the whole Holy Week!  

As I've said, everything was almost a perfect vacation already but there were two 'not so nice' instances that happened. Hahaha. One, I was attacked by an island dog and almost got bitten and two, our underwater camera broke on our second day of snorkeling. These did not ruin our vacation but rather made it a more meaningful experience to remember.

I have posted quite a number of our pics which I also posted in my Instagram account.

All packed up. 

With our favorite travel companions. Hahaha.

One of the islands that we stayed on to the whole day.

The usual lunch package in every tour - all freshly grilled.

Enjoying the beach and the warm waters.

Its just us here.

Our home for the day.

Improvised swing.

Our dining area.

Playtime while waiting for the lunch.

One of the areas that we visited - Snake island.

Fresh pick.
Enjoying the views and the sea.

Our helpful and accomodating bangkeros.

Pinagbuyutan island.


Island refreshment.

Beautiful scenery.

Photo op.

Sand bar.

 Beautiful beach with limestone backdrop.

 Photo op.

 Lovely views all around here.

 Snake island.

 At the sand bar.

 Our reliable tour organizer.

 With our new friends - Mary Des and Brian at the Snake island.

 Nat Nat beach.

 Our usual gears.

 Relaxing mood.

 We saw this island pup living inside a small cave with 3 other pups. The mother attacked me (almost got bitten) when I went back to check on them.

 Vape mode atop the Balete tree.

 Leaving the island.

 At Nat Nat beach.

 At Nacpan Beach.

 At the sand bar.

 Picture perfect.

 Some nice rock formation.

 Entering the Cathedral cave.

 Perfect time to relax, rest and daydream.

 Mangrove forest.



 Soft corals.

 Prepping up to underwater adventure.

 Clam at close.

 Lots of clams on the shallow reef.

 Our pick up.

 Water is so clear and calm.

 Playtime under the sea. In search of nemos.

El Nido still tops my list of summer's agenda. I fell in love with this place and will never get tire of going back again and again.  I wanted to stay here for long and just be with nature.