Monday, November 10, 2014


The site. 

I must say that year 2014 has been very, very good to me. So many wonderful and unforgettable things happened that I really didnt expect - from career, personals, travels, achievements, financials, etc. Thank God blessings poured in.

Recently, I was able to purchased a property in the overlooking site of Antipolo not too far from where Im living right now. I instantly fell in love with the place the first time I saw it.  The view is breathtaking and relaxing. Its inside a decent, private executive village called Palos Verdes which is a lot far better from the other 'congested' villages around Antipolo. And the best part, the cost of the property is too hard to resist! Pretty low actually. The owner ( who owns a shoe business in Marikina) acquired the property during the early 80's. She bought two lots in that village for her two daughters but they decided to sell them for expansion of their business according to them. And another best part about the property, the address of the lot is 7! Lucky as what they say. Actually, there was another chinese buyer who was eyeing the lot but I was faster in closing the deal. Hehe.

Investing on property is the best and a wise move. It appreciates on value so it definitely secures your future and also the future of your loved ones as well as this will go to them eventually when you're gone.    

Well for now and with God's mercy, Im working of building my dream house and hopefully to move there next year.    

With the help of our legal dept in our company, transferring the title to my name was quite fast and easy. 

Monday, November 3, 2014


I just noticed that I have not been blogging for quite some time now and I realized the reason why - Instagram. I enjoy it so much that in just a span of 5 months, I didnt notice that I have already posted thousands and thousand of pictures. And I suddenly forgot to blog. You see, aside from the fact that Instagram is so popular nowadays and made even more popular because of the words -  selfies, groupies, ootd, food pics, travel pics, hashtags, throwback thursdays, flashbacks, instadaily, instafood, and all kinds of insta word, Instagram is an instant journal compared to blogging. It is obviously more accessible and faster to do if you need to post something. With just a click on your mobile phone and an internet access and presto!,  you're done. Whereas in blogging, you need to work on your laptop or pc and requires lots of fixing, collating and downloading of photos for a single post. But there are other reasons blogging is better than Instagram I must say. Blogging is more serious in sense of narration of whatever subject you are posting. It is more detailed.

So should I stop blogging? I am not sure for now. Hehe.  In the meantime, let me take a selfie first.

Below are just some of my Instagram posts. Like it please.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Better late than never. More than two weeks ago, I was invited for a mooncake festival dice game being organized annually by my friend, Christina Cobankiat, together with some co-workers and business partners. More than the fun game, this also brings us together for a simple reunion.

This year's dice game was held in Xin Tian Di in Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila where we also had a good Chinese dinner before the game. We all had fun that night and I was among the luckiest who brought home some major prizes.

Some of my winning combinations.

The happy group.

With the lovely organizers.

Dinner first.

Some of the exciting prizes.

Lucky throw.

Some of the major winners.

Some of my prizes.

Chinese cuisines for dinner. 

Happy mooncake festival to all! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


A part of my weekend is usually spend with my two labs - Cola (the black) and Zee (the white) . I dont get to see them everyday so a little bonding time with them every weekend is important. I treat them like a family member not only because they are pets, they also add life to the usual 'boring atmosphere' of the house especially now that we allow them to enter and roam around inside the house because the pet cats of my daughter are all gone (They just went missing one day and didnt come back, probably found another master who feed them better food. Haha).

Monday, September 1, 2014


Last weekend was a gastronomical feast because of my partner's birthday celebration. First, I hosted a surprise dinner treat for him at Tiyo's restaurant in Marikina last Saturday together with some of our close friends in badminton. It was an exciting night because all of the invited friends were all present and also it was all our first time to try the food at Tiyo's - one of the highly rated resto in Marikina. I had to make a reservation 2 days in advance to make sure they will serve us well. I ordered mostly all the best sellers and recommendations of the house and everyone's seemed to be happy.

 Group shot.

 These 2 are my most favorite in all we've tried - the beef ribs and the rolletas.

 The indoor and outdoor dining area of Tiyo's.

 Gian with Justin and JC.

 Gian with Chad, Emman and Anton.

 Gian with Mannix and Needle.

 Gian and myself.

The following day which is a Sunday and Gian's actual birthday, he treated me and Regina for a lunch in Vikings in Marikina. This has been Gian's favorite resto I think because he's been dining here many times in the past already. He's a buffet lover by the way. This buffet restaurants has a huge selections of food (it can beat some hotel's buffet actually) at a very reasonable price that's why its so popular.

Vikings offers a free dining to all birthday celebrants so he had to pay only for me and Regina. Lucky. This restaurant is always full especially on a weekend so reservation is highly recommended to avoid waiting.

 Photo op.

 Photo op.

 Interior of the restaurant.

 Birthday cake.
 Some of our favorites.

I bumped into a long lost badminton friend that day, Jonteng, who's also dining with his family.

So again to my lucky charm, happy birthday! May all your wishes come true.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I was invited for a lunch treat by our friend - Christina, together with some of my co-employees, in House of Wagyu in Podium Mall in Ortigas. Of course, it was a wagyu steak lunch and honestly, this was the best steak I've tasted so far. The slab that was served to us individually was so soft, tasty and juicy. You wont need the gravy sauce actually! I have tried so many kind of steaks but this one's totally different. Its a thick slab of beef but very soft and tender, no effort to cut it in small pieces. And once you tasted it, it feels like melting in the mouth with no after taste. Well dont ask about the price, all I know is that one order (depends on the grade and type of meat) is more expensive than a buffet lunch in a 5 star hotel. Haha. 


Of all the popular food joints that I tried in Marikina, the only one that I would surely recommend is Rustic Mornings. Located in the heart of the city ( near Shoe Museum), this breakfast venue is worth your money. The quality and serving size of the food is great plus the garden setting makes your morning happy to start off your day.

There were only two major issues for me about this restaurant which I observed when I dined there. One, the lack of parking space which is quite understandable since I think the place was just a conversion from residential to a restaurant. And two, the waiting time for my food order was quite long. I had to call for more follow ups even for my coffee to be served first. I started to feel mad but I still managed to keep calm in order not to ruin my morning. But nevertheless when the food arrived, I was on my big smile.

The lush garden of Rustic Mornings.

The tight and small parking area is one issue here because of the limited space.

There are different dining area setting which you can choose from. Shown here are the outdoor dining areas in different themes.

This is the airconditioned indoor dining area.

The reception counter.

The homey feel of the washing area. I personally liked the ceramic lavatory bowl.



Different floor patterns.

Sample of the breakfast. The parslied rice is so good.


I wanna go back here to try out their other offers. This time with Regina as promised to her.