Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This years's usual holy week break was spent in Cebu with my loved ones. Why Cebu? Because I can never think of any other nice beaches in the country comparable to Boracay which is not so populated especially at this time of the year. Actually, we were choosing between Malapascua Island, Camotes Island, Sumilon Island and Bantayan Island when we booked a flight to Cebu. And after lots of searchings, inquiries and reading reviews, we decided to go to Bantayan Island (eventhough this island was one of the hardest hit of the recent Yolanda typhoon).  This is gonna be my second time here. My first visit here was about 7 years ago so I got the guarantee of having nice beaches here for my family.

Getting to Bantayan Island is easy but will take you to an air, land and sea travels. From Mactan airport, its another 3 to 3-1/2 hours by a private vehicle to get to Hagnaya port and another 1-1/2 hour sea travel via ferry. Since im bringing my 'senior citizen' parents. I made sure that our travels would be hassle free and relax. We had a comfortable private van to bring us to Hagnaya port. How I wish I could also arrange a private yacht for the sea travel! Hahaha.

All geared up for the beach escapades.

Finally, I was able to use this 'carry all'  Givenchy bag.

With my parents arriving in Mactan airport.

 The complete group.

By air, land and sea. (shown also our service van with the very entertaining driver Mang Jesus).

 It was Holy Wednesday so the passengers are in large number. Our ferry trip schedule was delayed by almost 2 hours due to large volume of passengers.

 Inside the ferry boat. Majority are locals whos going home for a break.

The ferry boat going to the island.

Hagnaya port.

We've arrived in Bantayan Island late afternoon. The damage of the typhoon Yolanda was still visible especially on the trees on the beach.

The habal - habals (tricycle)  on the pier.

Monday, March 24, 2014


One of our activities every weekend is to bring out the dogs for some runnings and trainings. We do this every afternoon in a very remote memorial park near our place. Fortunately, that memorial park is not yet fully occupied and with almost no people so there's a big grassland for the dogs to run around. Also, the air is so fresh and the mountain views are relaxing.

Cola and Zee (the dogs) are always happy and excited everytime they come here. They never get tire of 
catching and retrieving balls and playing and chasing us. Its a great bonding moment for all of us together with Regina. 

Sweet Cola.

Zee ( the white lab) is very consistent and tireless to retrieve the ball.

Running and chasing.

The nature of retrievers.

Resting mode after some runnings and chasings.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I am a proud dad.

My lovely daughter had just graduated from elementary school last weekend and what surprised us all was she received an academic excellence award! Among the 170 plus graduates of 4 sections, 10 students were given the award based on their grades of course. It was indeed a triumph for us all parents more than the students I think. Just bringing home a diploma was already an accomplishment, what's more to expect with bringing home an academic excellence medal! Happiness to the max level.

As she grows to a fine young lady, my daughter hasn't change her sweetness and mild mannered attitude.
Though she's much smarter now, she still maintains her humility. She loves animals. She loves her friends. She loves technology. She loves us all. There was nothing I can remember that she caused us any troubles. Thats why for me, she doesnt only deserve to have an academic excellence award, she also truly deserves the best daughter award!

 The graduates of 2014.

 Regina receiving her diploma. Cameras are not allowed during the ceremony (the school has its own professional photographer and videographer) thats why everyone's sneaking to take pictures.

 Awarding and putting her academic excellence medal.

 With her mom and friends.

 Photo ops.

 Her medal and certificate.

 With the family over lunch for celebration.

 My formal attire on the graduation day.

   The proud dad.

Monday, March 17, 2014


My recent travels to China and Hongkong has added some finds to my personal collections. Being in China especially has been an opportunity for a splendid shopping spree. Everytime I come here, my panic and impulse buying mood tendencies are always active. The goods and the prices here are amazing and unbelievable thats so hard to resist. And as usual, I was able to bring home some 'good finds' at a 'good price'. I'll be putting all the prices here on how much I got them for you to understand my meaning of 'good price' all about. 

My only mission when we reached Hongkong is to get me a good eyewear replacement when I lost my Prada eyewear in Guangzhou. I got this Prada eyeglasses again (different model) in Hongkong (original of course, hahaha) in one of the fine eyewear shops in Causeway Bay. The price is a little lower than here in Manila though.  2,150 HKD (multiply it by 6 to get peso value).

One of my favorite finds in Guangzhou is this replica of Cartier's Love bracelet. I got both the gold and the silver which I gave the latter to Gian. It was an exact replica by looking at the engravings , the weight and the quality. The only thing thats missing is the Cartier box. Cost : 50 yuan (multiply by 7.3 to convert to peso)

I also bought these bracelets - Cartier and Givenchy designs. 30 yuan each.

Another hit is this Hermes bracelets. 50 yuan each.

And here is how it looks like when I wear them.

Of course, Givenchy!

Another favorite and one of my target in Guangzhou is this Givenchy camo bags. I got so obsessed with Givenchy that I bought different bags and even clothes. 120 yuan.

This clutch is also my favorite. 80 yuan.

Another Givenchy.  80 yuan.

And this carry all bag which I just liked and bought for no reasons at all. Haha. 120 yuan.

Givenchy sweatshirt and sandos. 45 yuan for sweatshirt and 35 yuan each for sandos.

Another Givenchy shirts which are so cool in design. 40 yuan.

I got Regina her bags as she requested - Chanel. 50-80 yuan each.

Gucci's doctor's bag.  50 yuan.

Gucci messenger bag. 80 yuan.

My pasalubong to Gian - Prada messenger bag. 80 yuan.

Another Gian's bag - Paul Smith messenger bag. 100 yuan.

Balenciaga clutch bag. 50 HKD.

Alexander Mcqueen's clutch bag. 80 HKD.

Goyard clutch bag. 50HKD.

LV bag for Weng.  50 yuan.

Tough bags for my sister and the househelpers. 40 yuan.

Some Mulberry purse for gifts and giveaways.  20 yuan each.

Manicure set. 15 yuan each.

Passport holders. 9 yuan each.

Of course, luggages. I come to Guangzhou with only handcarry bags and when I come back home, I carry at least 2 new luggages with me. 140 yuan each - all sizes.

Underwears. 8 yuan each.

Colorful printed socks which are my obsession's lately.  H&M - 56 HKD per pack.

From Hongkong, the usual mentholated oils. 50-60 HKD each.

Lotions. 215 HKD.

Alexander Mcqueen's inspired phone cases. 50 HKD each.

Some soothing inhalers. 20HKD

Excelsior's souvenir and Disney's playing cards for Regina. 50HKD playing card.

Also a good find from China is this shaggy jacket which I bought at a very cheap price.  80 yuan.

And pasalubong to my friends - dri fit shirts and shorts. 35 yuan per set. 

Waiting again next year for another shopping spree.