Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Relative to my recent post about Bellini's Caffe, there are other good restos we tried over the weekends around the City of Marikina. Well Im pretty sure that there are already lots of reviews and postings about these on different blogsites and social media but im still posting this anyway for my own personal journal.

THE SNACK SHACK. Its basically a burger house. The freshly grilled burger patties are juicy, not dry and not that salty compared to other burgers Ive tried. It reminds me of Wham burger but  a little juicier. I think aside from the good taste, the affordable price is what makes it a hit.

CAPRISERRIE. I've been here twice and the best memory that I remember here is the kindness and friendliness of the owners. On my first visit, I was able to have a little chitchat with the daughter of the owners who I learned to be the mastermind of their recipes and even asked me to try her newest creation - its something dulce de leche cake creation which I forgot the complete name. Hahaha. On my second visit, I had the chance to talked to the lady owner who even toured me around and showed their other amenities in the area like the function room (event's place) and the meatshop. About the food, I personally like that dulce de leche and the strawberry shortcake. Their famous recipe though is the turtle pie which I am not really fond of.

BURRITO BROTHERS. I can say of all food joints in Marikina, this is where I am frequent of and been eating the same food over and over again - their burrito.  They close late at night so this become very convenient and accessible for me especially after my badminton games near the place. They are very consistent with the freshness of their ingredients and serving amount. My only frustration here is you have to pay extra for an additional salsa and white sauce which normally comes free in other mexican restaurants.

GREG & SALLY. We came here on an afternoon snack just right after the typhoon Haiyan so the place was a little mess with the broken and leaned plants and trees. The back area was also closed so we really didnt see the entire restaurant in a good set up. The food that we've tried here is nothing special actually. Its a typical taste of pasta and sandwich. I was hoping for an impressive signature dish by the way but there was none I think. However, the best experience we had here was buying some rambutan fruits picked up straight from their tree. Haha.

MYLENE'S ENSAYMADA AND BANANA CAKE. This is a simple homemade ensaymada and banana cake. I personally liked the banana bread more than the ensaymada. It has no bitter after taste like the other banana cakes I've tried. Its also soft and moist. Their ensaymada is nothing special though. Its very basic.

PAN DE AMERIKANA. Dining here brings back some memories especially to those who were born on the 60's and the 70's. The decorations and furnishings here are very nostalgic especially those portraits of local actors hanging on a big wall.  Aside from their main offer which is pandesal, there are also popular foods that they serve and I personally like the laing and halo-halo.

There are still more interesting restaurants in Marikina. So aside from being the shoe capital of the country, Marikina should also be known as one of the best food destination as well.  

Friday, August 1, 2014


Marikina area is fast becoming popular now as one of the food destination in the Metro and I must agree. Recently over the weekend, its been our activity to try different restos in the city and one of the best resto we tried is this Italian cafe called Bellini's Caffe. Situated in the heart of Marikina, this quaint, small cafe is so popular that a lot of local celebs have dined in the cafe. Tripadvisor rated this as one of the top resto in the city and no wonder because the ambience is nice, the staffs are very friendly and courteous and food was excellent. 

 We went there on a dinner but according to the staff, it also very popular at lunchtime.

 Some decorations on the main entrance.

 The small but neat dining area.

 With a small dining area, Im pretty sure some days would be a long wait to get a table.

 Small bar.

 Italian ingredients on display.

 The walls are artistically hand painted with Italian settings.

 Me and Gian.

 Wall murals in 3D.

 Simple table set-up.

 Washing area is also lovely.

 Names of some of the local celebs who dined posted at the back of the dining chairs.

 They have a wide variety of food selections , all Italian.

We ordered this dish called Spaghetti Al Cartoccio but we had it in linguine instead of spaghetti noodle. Its a mixed seafood in oil based and served in a wrapped, flaming aluminum foil. Literally flaming with fire when serve. 

 The house specialty pizza which I forgot the name. Haha.

 This is my favorite - their Panacotta! This is the best I've tasted so far, so heavenly and really melts in your mouth.

 Orange cake.

 House treats - bread sticks and sweet wine.

A blind man playing lovely music serenading the guests. 

More to come about Marikina food hubs.....  

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Badminton afficionados got excited again last weekend for the much awaited annual FDG Cup 2014 open and invitational tournament held at Powersmash badminton courts in Makati. It was a two weekend event to accommodate the newly added categories for open division - the men's and ladies singles categories. The last weekend was the highlight of the tournament where the exhibition games, final matches on all divisions, dinner, raffles and program were held.  

Being a member of the organizing committee on this prestigious badminton event in honor of our company's president, Frederick D. Go, we made sure that everything would turn out perfectly as we planned. And it was! It was another unforgettable event especially for a badminton addict like me.

Here are some photos of the event.

The poster.

 Leading the Oath of Sportmanship.

 Ceremonial toss with the major sponsors.

 Photo op with the guests from China - single's players Wang Xin and Wang Li, together with Christina Cobankiat, head of the organizing committee. The other pics shows my little badminton buddy, Gab,  posing with the China guests and Frederick Go.

The following pictures showed myself in actions during the tournament where I reached the final round on the Elite level with my long time partner in court, Einnor.

Elimination Round 1.

Elimination Round 2.

Elimination Round 3.

Semifinals Round.

Final Round. At the beginning of the match, I formally stopped and gave up the game due to inability to continue the match. I was feeling so tired and dehyrated already and in near-cramps condition. Playing 5 games in one day is 'impossible' for me nowadays.  Anyway, I was so happy enough to reach the finals proving myself that at my age I am still competitive with the elite players who are mostly composed of young and energetic varsity players.

The dinner and program set-up.

During the awarding of individual winners.

Aside from the individual award, my team also won as 1st runner up.

Sharing my triumph with Gab and Gian.

My medals and cash prizes.

I won again in the major raffle - a Casio G Shock watch.

Comedian artists Jose and Wally's performance.

Host / Comedian actress Ai-ai Delas Alas.