Friday, January 9, 2015


We were suppose to spend New Year in Japan this year.  Unfortunately, completing the requirements for my visa application especially my birth certificate took me some time to finish. So when my visa arrived, it was too late already to book a flight and arrange accomodations. Prices were already shockingly high.

So we thought of different options on where to spend New Year (obviously, I didnt want just to stay at home on that day though and watch firecrackers from the neighborhood) and I decided to spend it in Sofitel Hotel. I was pretty sure that Regina and Gian would love it because its their first time. Also, the hotel's coffee shop, Spiral, is the number 1 rated best buffet outlet in the city. Also, the pool of the hotel is also an attraction and there's fireworks by the hotel at midnight celebration.

It was another memorable New Year celebration spent happily with my loved ones.

Our home for a couple of days on New Year.

Our room overlooks Mall Of Asia, the haunted and controversial Film Center and the Manila Bay.

Our luxury room.

Some room amenities and treat.

The hotel's Christmas village, the famous giant Christmas tree, Spiral coffee shop and the big led countdown for the New Year screen.

Enjoying our breakfast at Spiral. We enjoyed the taho specifically.

Breakfast. The home made corned beef is good. We also 'looted' some nuts. Haha.

At the sunset bar.

Enjoying the room. The weather was cold that day so our dip was short.

Taking photos around the hotel.

At the haunted and controversial Film Center which is just beside the hotel. We went here twice just to see around and take photos. We were also permitted for a quick peek at the theatre area. But its only me and Gian who were braved enough to get in. It was really scary.

The hotel's fireworks.

Bonding moments.

Upon check out, we went around the area for some grocery shopping and dining.


Every 25th of December whenever Im just here in the country is usually reserve for myself. The noche buena that happens every midnight of the 24th is always with my immediate family. The following day which is the 25th, I am normally alone because Regina has to leave for Cavite for a reunion with her mom's family. Normally on that day, I just stay in the house and sleep the whole day. But this time I thought of spending the day somewhere - I booked an overnight stay in Intercontinental Hotel in Makati together with my partner Gian. Why Intercon? One, Im a loyal member so I can get discounts. Second, I find their pool better than the other hotels around and third, the proximity to good shops and restos. Luckily, aside from  my connections at work where I am also an official IHG employee and as a member cardholder as what I've mentioned, I was able to get lots of freebies, discounts, treats and upgrades during my stay. I have stayed in this hotel a lot of times already but this is so far the best and most enjoyable stay I've had.

At the reception checking in.

We were welcomed by this very lovely and accomodating receptionist.

My room was upgraded into an executive suite room overlooking the pool where I also had an access to the executive club floor.

I was surprised when I saw these treats inside my room from the general manager and revenue manager of the hotel with their personalized card. The GM sent me wine, fruits and chocolates while the RM sent me a Christmas basket.

At the Club floor where there's free food and drinks for the executive guests only.

At the coffee shop for breakfast.

My simple breakfast.

Gian and I had an exchange gifts on that day.

We were visited by our good friend for some drinks, chats and we also watched the light show around the vicinity.

It was indeed a happy Christmas day.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


The presents I received last Christmas were overwhelming and exciting. I owe it of course to my current job which I have the advantage of meeting different suppliers and contractors. For sure, without them, I wouldnt received this much gifts every Christmas. Haha. As early as November, gifts started to come in the office and normally I bring them home on the last day of work for holiday vacation (well, except for the perishables). Also, I open them up exactly on the Christmas day. So here goes the bounty gifts I received:

I think last Christmas was the most number of Christmas baskets I have received. Well since I am not really a food person, the only thing that excites me in baskets are the wines. I keep them and the other stuffs are mostly given out to others though, Haha.

 Steaks, salmon, sardines, chocolates, fruits and ham. That ham was the biggest I've seen. Its so heavy and I joked that I could almost feed the whole neighborhood.

Some useful stuffs.

Office necessities.

These i loved. The whiskey especially.



Some luxuries.


Power banks.


Personal care.

Papers and leather tags.

Something very practical.

Something very special from someone special. Hehe.

And my gift to myself.

I feel very thankful and blessed for all these gifts. I also feel important and special for all the people who sent them and no matter how big or small the presents, they're all very special to me and will always be remembered.


Our christmas 2014 family celebration was the usual short and quick. The noche buena was simple and exchanging gifts were short because we were just few in the family now.  The remaining family members were almost just as many as the non-relative people present on that day - the helpers. We missed the old times when we were all complete and exchanging gifts last for more than 3 hours from midnight. Good thing, we still have a kid ( my niece Eka) who entertained us all with her funny antics.   

The celebration was held in my sister's new apartment in Laguna. She just moved in after some misunderstanding with my father. Well, they were never been ok eversince. I guess our long time usual family issue can never be resolved anymore. Haha. ( Now I'm thinking of posting it soon? )

So we celebrated and we had fun. 

All of us together with the helpers whom I fondly called our Ms. Earth candidates. Father didnt join and just slept the whole night.

Eka was so happy with all her gifts, mostly from her mom. Haha.

My sisters gave my mom a framed family pictures.

Regina and I got personalized shirts from my sister.

Regina received her new iphone 6 , her favorite magazines and some stuffs.

I've got the biggest chocolates which my mom gifted me.

Well, I still wish that one time all our family members will all be together to celebrate Christmas just like the good old days.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Its the holiday season once again.

One thing that excites me about the holidays is the preparation of gifts for my loved ones. Being a creative person, wrapping of gifts is a big deal to me. I've already blogged about this last year on how personal I go for my wrappings. It's not my habit of just buying wrappers and ribbons and boxes or ready made paper gift bags and put a ready made cards on my gifts. I want it done with a little extra effort and style. I think its more special no matter what kind of gift you have inside. So, this year's wrapping is all about purple and green. Simplified but still stylish I must say.

 Started to bring out all the stuffs to wrap.

 Something personal is always something special.

 I find joy in wrapping gifts. I always feel happy for the person Im giving them to.

My cards are always personal. This time I go for monogramming which I think also an 'in' thing now. 

 Some of the finish product.

Ready to be delivered. 

Happy Holidays! Like what's written on my merry!